Serving the North Country's home birth and well-woman needs



Pregnancy is usually a normal family experience and should be viewed as a healthy process. A family might choose home birth services if the expectant mother has uncomplicated health and obstetric histories, a normally progressing pregnancy, and assumes the responsibilities for maintaining positive health habits. I believe we will work together toward achieving a safe and satisfying birth experience.

My philosophy of the midwife model of care is that pregnancy and birth are not medical conditions to be managed, they are life events to be mindfully and thoughtfully observed. You are not a patient, you are a client – because you are not sick, you are pregnant. You birth your baby. I attend, observe, and assist — and only intervene when necessary.

In the state of NY, midwives are licensed to prescribe medications, order labs and ultrasounds, and attend births in hospitals, the home, or a birth center.


* Healthy mother and baby with no significant medical problems (low-risk pregnancy)
* Good prenatal care, nutrition, and health habits
* Mother is nonsmoker and there is no smoking in the house
* Mother planning to initiate breastfeeding
* Single fetus
* Vertex presentation (baby is head down)
* At least 38 weeks gestation and no more than 42 weeks gestation
* Bag of waters must not have ruptured more than 24 hours prior to onset of contractions
* No previous uterine surgery
* Free of herpes genitalis active infection
* Parents must agree to go to hospital if indicated